Friday, December 21, 2012

Bunionectomy Surgery. . . .

You are probably wondering what exactly a bunionectomy is...well briefly it's a surgery performed where your bunion is literally sawed off and a screw is placed in your foot. Now that sounds pleasant right? No! When I was around 15 years old I noticed a bunion on the side of my right foot starting to grow.  I loved running and this put a damper on my track meets and cross country meets to the point where I was almost in tears because of the pain this irritating bone caused me. As the years went on the pain progressed.  Candy-sale was a nightmare, after a long day of walking and selling candy my bunion would be swollen and bruised and I would be in a state of immense shooting and throbbing pain.  
Now four years later I had the surgery performed on Tuesday! I have had surgery one other time when I was four years old to have teeth removed, but I don't recall it.  I wasn't really nervous about the surgery just worried about the after affect and how I would manage with one foot.  Early Tuesday morning my parents and I drove to St.Anthony's hospital; as I sat in the back seat holding a boot and anxiously awaiting the surgery procedure.  

This is my beautiful foot before surgery. :)  Notice the lump on the right side, that is the bunion. 

Once at the hospital I changed into their lovely gown, and sat with my parents until the procedure was to begin.  I am so happy I had my amazing parents with me.  Dad made sure to crack jokes the whole time to ease my fear of the procedure going wrong and waking up to not only a missing bunion but a missing foot.  Mom was the caring one who made sure I wasn't cold, or hungry and took care of all my needs.  

This picture right here is the IV in my arm.  What it really should be is how large my eyes got when I realized where and what the nurse was putting in my arm.  I didn't realize the IV was staying in my arm and was frightened to move my arm in fear of ripping it out of my vein and causing a giant hole in my arm.  BTW I am not a hypochondriac! :)

The surgery lasted 2 hours and was successful, no toes or feet had to be amputated. Shew. . . :) 
I was physically drained after the surgery and was dying of thirst.  A nurse came in and showed me how to use the crutches and what not and soon we were heading home.  

Took me a while to actually fully wake up, I was a sleepy girl! 

Now it has been 3 days since my surgery and I am not in too much pain.  I had a Dr.'s appointment today and was excited to see my foot with the bandages off.  I was kinda worried that my foot was going to look like Frankenstein's foot or something but it did look just a "little" better than that.  
Have a blessed week! :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pictures from the last month. . . .

This past month has been beyond busy. The finals are completed, the college students are home, and there is utter silence in the school building, Christmas Break has begun! :)  And now. . . you are about to enter picture over load! :) 
My sister, Nicole, posted a wonderful post of Thanksgiving day! The day after Thanksgiving my parents, Brooke, Matthew and I put up the Christmas decorations. We enjoyed ourselves greatly! 

Matthew and I put up the "charlie" brown tree. 

Mom and Brooke putting together the large tree.  

Dad placing the star on the tree! :)

After decorating the tree we went to the local Christmas parade, downtown Chesterton. It was freezing but we managed to watch part of the parade, sipping hot cocoa, and laughing and talking with chattering teeth.  

Mom and Brooke all smiles in the frigid cold! 

Matthew and I sipping Dunkin Donuts cocoa! 

Fairhaven's band float, of course the best at the parade! :) 

A few weeks after this the college took the very notorious Christmas Lights Activity to Chicago! I had the best group ever, consisting of two other couples and Matt and I.  We ate at a wonderful Italian restaurant called Osterio via Stato, walked the beautiful lit streets of Chicago, and ended out the night at the Walnut for dessert! It was a fantastic evening! 

On the bus ( sorry for the foggy picture, my finger was covering the flash) 

Beautiful Chicago!

Matthew and I at dinner.  

Stephanie, as junior high and high school buddies, little did we know that we would one day go on a double date to Chicago! :) 

Mmmmm. . .yummy cheesecake at the Walnut! 

Making wonderful memories! :) 

Very large Christmas tree. . .

Loved this large wreath!  

On this same week Matthew and I went to the Handel's Messiah concert in Hyde Park, IL.  This night was also amazing, and I thoroughly enjoyed the glorious music! 

Rockefeller memorial chapel. 

Than this past Friday was our churches Christmas Banquet, Matthew and I had a splendid time serving together! I saw Matthew off yesterday afternoon and now Christmas break has begun.  This however is not going to be the usual Christmas break for me, I have foot surgery on Tuesday, but that is saved for another post! :)  That's all for now folks! :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Change. . .

Change. . . This would be the word that has occurred in my life these past weeks.  Fifteen days  ago my eldest sister got married to the man of her dreams.  The week was crazy preparing for last minute wedding details, bridesmaids flying in for the wedding, sister coming in from Ohio, grandparents from Texas, there was no time for me to think, literally.  The wedding  was absolutely gorgeous and the bride was stunning, the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on.  The day was perfect!  They said their I do's, cut the cake, greeted and said goodbye's and soon the happy couple was off.  The next day Brooke headed back to Ohio, and my grandparents back to Texas.  

This is when the change occurred, and I finally realized how lucky I was to have two older sisters to have grown up with for nineteen years of  my life     All  of a sudden they were ripped out of my life, well maybe not ripped but gone. . . . and I was at a state of complete devastation.  Yes I love my parents deeply and I am so happy to be alone with them for the next few years, but I wanted my sister home.

On a Sunday night my sister and her husband came home to pick up the gifts and show us pictures from the honeymoon.  I was so thrilled to be able to see my sister and her new husband.  I walked upstairs in my room to grab something and Nicole followed me up the stairs and into my room.  She asked how mom was doing, how dad was doing, and than how I was doing. This is when I burst into tears and she gripped onto me and we stood there and just hugged each other for a while both crying.  Not much was said during that time but yet so much was said at the same time.  She told me she loved me and to text to her daily telling her about college drama, about my boyfriend, just everything in general.  I did not want to see her leave, I wanted to simply have her and her new husband live in the basement.  However, I know that is not a good idea nor even a possibility. I love you Nicole so much! I will miss walking down two flight of stairs and skimming through your closet or asking you for help onto what to wear, or can you put on this scarf for me? I will miss listening to her talk to Jack and smiling to myself thinking how totally in love they were.  I will miss the coffee being made every morning. I am going to miss you ever so much, but I know that new memories will be made. Love ya Nicole with all my heart! 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Back to blogging. . .

Where to begin? I am not sure! The last two months has been super crazy; I know that is no excuse for ignoring your blog, but it is mine.  
My mother was diagnosed with cancer in mid-August shortly after my sister moved to Ohio to teach.  I did not understand God's timing of this, but God's timing is perfect and He knows best.  When I heard of the news I was shocked. One never is prepared to hear the word "cancer" in their family.  I was standing next to my mom as she spoke to the doctor, and I saw her face as the doctor confirmed her tumor to be cancerous.  The first thing I thought was why, why now, my sister just moved, my other sister is getting married in 2 1/2 months. This isn't the best timing I thought.  As my mom hung up the phone what surprised me most was how strong she was, she seemed to have peace come over her.  I however was in complete devastation.  My parents drove me to work that day and I remember going into work thinking only of my mom and praying the whole day.  While at work that day I was encountered by a 4 year old boy who came up to me and gripped his arms around my legs.  I knelt down and looked into his deep brown eyes to see what he needed.  He looked at me with such love in his eyes and said, "Miss Wauren, you look like you need a hug."  I smiled at him as my eyes welled up with tears and whispered a faint "yes".  He swung his arms around my neck and squeezed for a long time; I returning the hug.  He than whispered in my ear "I love you Miss Wauren, its gonna be ok."  
These past few months have been one of testing, and trying.  My mother is now cancer free, and is to have radiations five times a week for 2 and 1/2 months.  Through this, our family has drawn closer and my relationship with Christ has grown stronger.  Please continue to pray for my mom.  

Along with this, my sister is now getting married in six, short days, and I am so excited to be able to share a part of this memorable event with her.  I am looking forward to seeing how God will use her and her soon to be husband.  A few weeks ago her fiance' was able to come up for a visit and we were able to have a double snack shop date.  We always joked about it, but this time it really happened. :)

On our double date. . . Nicole and Jack 

Matthew and me :)

I have been super busy with school work, ministries, and work! And now this week we will be cramming last minute things needed for the wedding.  I am enjoying my sister Brooke being home and all "five" of us being together for the last time.  

Saturday, August 11, 2012

So Thankful. . ..

 Most girls wish for an older brother to protect them, and to beat up mean boys!  As a matter of fact, that is what I wished for, until. . . I realized just what I had. I had two older sisters! What girl gets to grow up knowing that no matter what, she will have two older sisters that stand up for her and defend her no matter what?  What girl gets to grow up with two other wardrobes to choose from? :) What girl gets to live with two of her best friends? What girl gets to have an older sister help her experience new things, such as high-school, or college?  What girl is able to have a slumber party with her best friends/sisters on the night before Christmas and giggle for hours sharing secrets?  I was able to do all these things and much more!

This pics always makes me smile. . . .love my crazy sisters!!

As I look back over my life I recall countless memories with my sisters. Some are joyful memories, and some not so much! But my sisters and I never stayed resentful  at each other for long.  We could fight, scratch, bite, spit,call names for a half an hour  and than the next minute we would be skipping through out the house together best of buds again!    Oh. . and I can't forget the times we would help cover each other up! I never understood siblings who ratted each other out, not us three. . . we tried best not to get the other one in trouble. :)

I think back on vacations we had as a family, and us three next to each other in the back seat.  We would sing loudly and I am sure very off key, songs mom and dad requested. We would munch on snacks together, trade books to read, and every once in a while argue that the other was too close for comfort! ;)

Family Vacation to Tybee Island . . .

I honestly don't know what I would have done without these two ladies in my life! I love spending time with them and just hanging out as sisters. I am so thankful that my parents pressed us to be not only just "sisters" but best of friends.  My sisters and I share a special bond, we truly do. .. and I never want to lose that!

I say all that to say, that this Tuesday one of  us three LaBate girls is moving to Ohio, my sister Brooke! I am filled with mixed emotions about her leaving.  At first I was upset about the timing.  Why now? Why her?  But now I am happy, and looking forward to see how God will use that special lady as a Christian school teacher.  Yes, I am sad, and am going to miss her ever so much, but so excited to know she in the center of God's will.  I look forward to making trips to visit her and her coming home for holidays!  

I am so thankful for the time I did have with my sisters, and I am filled with anticipation of the many new memories I will make with my best friends.  

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

County Fairs. . .

There is something about fairs that captivate me.  It may have something to do with the bright lights, the strangely dressed people, memories with family and friends, the unique shows and last but not least the vast amounts of delicious foods such as: cheesecake on a stick, foot long corn dogs, elephant ears, and the list is endless!

I had the opportunity to go to two fairs these past couple of weeks. One with my family at the Porter County Fair and secondly at the Elkhart Fair with a group of college friends.

Porter County Fair

Jack was able to come up and meet us at the fair and spend the day with our family as well! 

Eating our scrumptious food. . .

There were talented men. . .

. . .and talented dogs.

Mom and I watching the dog show. . .and the fair lights were glistening off our faces!

So long Porter County Fair see you next July!

The Elkhart Fair was one filled with many memories that I will remember always. A group of college students took a bus  and we spent the whole entire day here, I mean the whole literal day. From sun up to sun down. . . a long day to say the least.  It was however a very fun filled days with many laughs.

Very happy girls :)

Yucky llama's . . .

Watching the seal show. . .before we got poured on. :)

Karina and I sitting out of the rain in a barn!

My group of girls all rode the infamous Ferris Wheel  ..which was quiet an adventure :) 

Karina was just a wee bit scared. . .;)

All smiles and some forced smiles while on the Ferris Wheel...

View from the Ferris Wheel. 


Kemisha and I 

A tired group ready to go home. . .

The rodeo ended our night and we headed back onto the bus and back home, but of course a college activity isn't an activity if the bus doesn't break down. ;)