Friday, July 20, 2012

Happenings. . .

This summer has flown by so quickly and in a few weeks I will be back into the busy routine of college life. I am happy to have been making many great memories with my family and friends. This past week I was able to go to George's with Brooke and Kemisha and eat their fantastic gyro's which they are known for.

Can anyone say yummy? :)

Say cheese! =)

Than. . . I am happy to report that on July 17,2012 I received my first flowers, besides from my Father! ;) Matthew surprised me and had ordered flowers and they were dropped off at my door. He truly surprised me and my whole day was brightened because of these beautiful chrysanthemums. :) Thanks so much Matt!

Gorgeous, I love the color yellow!

How can this not make one smile? :)

Just a few days ago I was able to go the Dunes and on a hike with Brook and Kemisha.  It was extremely hot and at one point I wasn't so sure I would make it, but we all did. :) We packed subs, sun-chips, string-cheese, crackers and cheese, and plenty of water bottles.  We had a very eventful day and a whole lot of fun! 

Trudging down Trail Nine.. . .

Made it to the top. . . beautiful!! 

Sisters! :)

To prevent the mosquito's from flying in your ears cover them as Brooke did!

Lake Michigan

Eating our lunch. . .

On our way back Trail Nine 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Canada. . .

After months of anticipating, preparing, getting a passport and anxiously wondering whether my dad would allow me to take a threatening trip out of the country, he finally consented and allowed his little girl to go to a foreign, exotic land.  Ok. . . well maybe it wan't a threatening trip, nor an exotic land, but it was Canada!

 I was able to take a  six hour train ride to Port Huron, Michigan, and from there get picked up by Matthew and his parents and go across the border to family camp!  To sum up family camp in a phrase it would be "a crazy, tiring, but AMAZING week."  Let me of the best weeks of my life. :)

This was the first time I had been in Canada, and to tell the truth I couldn't really tell the difference, besides the frequent "eh's" and the Tim Hortons at every corner. Btw for all of you that have never had a Tim Horton's ice coffee, I strongly suggest you go to Canada if just for that. :)

 I was able to stay in an air conditioned cabin with Matt's family, while he stayed in a cabin of guys.  Every morning I was able to get up and help make breakfast, which was loads of fun.  It was interesting to see different people's personalities at 6 in the morning.  I just needed a burst of coffee and I was good till 7 at night. Matt made sure I got that every morning, so as to prevent any crabbiness. lol After breakfast there was a devotional, lunch, free time, split sessions, dinner, night service, snack, and more free time before bed time.  I was able to help serve all the meals, which was actually very  enjoyable.

 I was thrilled to finally meet Matt's awesome family, and I hope to have the opportunity to go to family camp next summer.  Many fantastic memories were made  there! :)

Yummy yummy Tim Hortons :)

Serving dinner, (left to right) Jonathan, Danielle, Bethany, Lydia, Me and Matthew 

Chilling in the cool cabin with Mrs.M and Jessica 

Bethany, Deb, and I :)