Saturday, November 17, 2012

Change. . .

Change. . . This would be the word that has occurred in my life these past weeks.  Fifteen days  ago my eldest sister got married to the man of her dreams.  The week was crazy preparing for last minute wedding details, bridesmaids flying in for the wedding, sister coming in from Ohio, grandparents from Texas, there was no time for me to think, literally.  The wedding  was absolutely gorgeous and the bride was stunning, the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on.  The day was perfect!  They said their I do's, cut the cake, greeted and said goodbye's and soon the happy couple was off.  The next day Brooke headed back to Ohio, and my grandparents back to Texas.  

This is when the change occurred, and I finally realized how lucky I was to have two older sisters to have grown up with for nineteen years of  my life     All  of a sudden they were ripped out of my life, well maybe not ripped but gone. . . . and I was at a state of complete devastation.  Yes I love my parents deeply and I am so happy to be alone with them for the next few years, but I wanted my sister home.

On a Sunday night my sister and her husband came home to pick up the gifts and show us pictures from the honeymoon.  I was so thrilled to be able to see my sister and her new husband.  I walked upstairs in my room to grab something and Nicole followed me up the stairs and into my room.  She asked how mom was doing, how dad was doing, and than how I was doing. This is when I burst into tears and she gripped onto me and we stood there and just hugged each other for a while both crying.  Not much was said during that time but yet so much was said at the same time.  She told me she loved me and to text to her daily telling her about college drama, about my boyfriend, just everything in general.  I did not want to see her leave, I wanted to simply have her and her new husband live in the basement.  However, I know that is not a good idea nor even a possibility. I love you Nicole so much! I will miss walking down two flight of stairs and skimming through your closet or asking you for help onto what to wear, or can you put on this scarf for me? I will miss listening to her talk to Jack and smiling to myself thinking how totally in love they were.  I will miss the coffee being made every morning. I am going to miss you ever so much, but I know that new memories will be made. Love ya Nicole with all my heart!