Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My sister, my best friend.. . .

Today I celebrate Miss Brooke Emily's birthday! This young lady is not only my sister but the best friend any girl could have. She was the best playmate ever, as was told in a previous blog.  In high school she was there every step of the way. Teem activities, practices, lunch, she always was willing to let her younger sis hang out with her and her friends.  We fought like typical sisters, but once someone laid a finger on me,they were in deep trouble.  She showed me the ropes in high school and once I entered  college she was there for me as well.  I was even privileged to be in a class with her. It felt like high school, sitting next to her giggling like school girls, and being totally confused in class together.  Only sisters can glance at each other in class and start laughing out loud because the teacher said something that sparked something funny in both their minds.  Brooke and I, we are like that. . we have that bond that only sisters can share.  I love her so much and am so thankful for the great role model she has been for me.  I am going to miss her company in college so much.  I know God has something great in store for her.  Happy 22nd Birthday Brooke!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I Have the Greatest. .

See this man right here? That is my hero.  Every girl thinks their daddy is the best and strongest and most handsome, but my dad, he really is all those things.

 I remember when I was younger sneaking into the bathroom and watching my dad shave, it fascinated me!  I remember going outside while my dad grilled and throwing a Frisbee. I remember playing Tickle Pickle with my sisters and dad, a game that my dad made up; which consisted of him throwing a blanket over his face and walking around the house like Frankenstein trying to find us, then once he did he would grab us and tickle us.  That game still sorta scares me in a way! :)  I remember my dad picking me up and flipping me around and making my feet "walk" on the ceilings.  I remember going to the park as a family and swinging on the swings and my dad would (clearing throat) well. . .he would just be my dad! ;) I remember my dad putting me on my shoulders when I got tired of walking.  I remember my dad teaching me how to roller blade, and ride a bike and how he kept making me get up and try again.  I remember sitting on his lap while he drove the car and doing the steering, and thinking I was big stuff.  I remember my dad reading me stories and making it up as he went along and never reading what was in front of him.  I remember playing basketball with dad at night.  I remember every Christmas gathering around the tree and dad reading the Christmas story.  I remember dad praying for things and seeing results that were miracles to me as a young child.

As I grow older I am truly so thankful for such a wise father.  Anytime I have a question or not sure what to do in a situation; I know I can turn to him even if it isn't something I want to hear, he tells me what is best for me, because he wants the best for me.  I love him so much and admire him for so many things.  He is such a hard worker, and I love that he taught that to all three of us girls.  He is such an example to me.

Happy Father's Daddy! I love you so much!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Reminiscing a childhood.. .

I love my job! What is my job. . you may ask. Well. . .I work with children, that color pictures for me, greet me with a hug, tell me they love me on a regular basis, ask me many questions about life in general and at times frustrate me to a point of insanity. lol I was recently at work and over heard 7 and 8 years old discussing their plans for the summer and how they can't wait to play their DS's, and Wii's and watch their favorite shows on TV.  One of them bluntly turned to me and said "So. . .Miss Lauren, what did you do in the summer when you were our age?"  That is when a special moment happened. . . that moment when memories flooded my mind. . memories that had been forgotten, but were very special none the less.  A wide smile spread across my face and I began telling the children what I did as a child in the summer.  
I can honestly say I believe I had the best childhood any child could have. During the summer Brooke and I would wake up early in the morning, get the list of chores mom had us do and complete those first of course. . .and with no arguing! ;) Brooke and I finished those chores quickly and then our adventuresome day began. Now our imaginations exceeded any child's I know of.  My friends never could get into fighting off an evil witch in the backyard. . they would stare at me confused and ask "what witch. . there is no witch in the backyard." However my sister. . . we understood each other, and we knew that there really were evil villains in our yard that sought to destroy us. Our days were filled with laughter and excitement as we ran around the house hiding from creatures, and ducking behind trees so as not to be seen by the lurking witch.  We had a sandbox, tire swing, swing set, and the infamous teeter- totter. My sister would put all her weight on it, with me high in the air, and let go and send me flying back down to the ground.  Now for a 7 year old that is pretty traumatic.  We also had wrestling matches, and sad to say she always beat me. . .I tended to give in too easily.  When it was rainy we played school, barbies, and the most thrilling thing to do was to torment the neighbor boy or the neighbor's dog! lol But all that we did is TOP SECRET! ;)  I am so thankful for my play buddy, my sister, Brooke.
I finished telling all my children at the Day Care what my summers were like, and they stood there in awe and amazement thinking that I did have the most amazing childhood. Which I did.  One of the young boys looked at me and with all honesty said, "Well, that would explain why you and Miss Brooke are the best teachers ever!"  I smiled to myself. . I love my job!