Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Fun. . .

This past Memorial Day we had a cook out and had a few friends over to play games and eat divine food!  My dad grilled up some tasty hot dogs, bratwursts, cheeseburgers, and corn on the cob!  After we stuffed ourselves full with scrumptious food we headed out doors to work off all that we had just eaten!  It was a gorgeous day, sunny and nice and warm.  The games we played consisted of corn hole, badminton, basketball, volleyball, and Frisbee.  Mr. Josh and I were unstoppable at badminton, truly we were! :)  Volleyball was lots of fun. . .but sadly I am not so good at that sport.  We headed back inside and played some heated competition of ping pong.  My dad of course was the champion of that! :) Over all we had a great day filled with many memories!

Yummy yummy food!!!! :)

Dad serving. . ..

Nicole and her fiance'

Mom and I. . 

Adorable Midas! ;)

Mr. Josh and I playing badminton. . .

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cedar Point!!

On Monday my family rose up early in the morning and headed over to Cedar point; Jack and Christina were able to come in for the fun as well! We were able to stay there for over 10 hours and enjoy the roller coasters. My favorite was by far the Millennium Force!  I had never been on this one before, but I loved the smooth and thrilling ride!

I enjoyed many other roller coasters, and some not so much! I don't mind large drops and loops, however, a constant spinning makes my stomach turn and flip. Such as these swings below! Eeeeeekk. . . .  They weren't bad until the swings started going further and further up, up, up, and up! I looked behind me to see a rather young child looking beneath him grinning and kicking his feet having the time of his life! Why was I wishing only to get out of the swing and be on land, when a child probably 10 years younger than me was having a wonderful time?  I did make it safe on land,. . . and come to find out there were other family members of mine who did not appreciate this ride. ;)

Waiting Oh so patiently in line. . . 

Dad and Jack on the Power Tower. . . 

We had loads of fun!!! :)

Before we made an end to the day we headed over to the Top Thrill Dragster and waited in line for an hour and 1/2 to go on a 17 second ride that took you 420 ft. high.  I must say it was worth it, it was an experience I will never forget! 

The day went by great, the weather was perfect!! We had loads of fun, and I look forward to hopefully heading over to Cedar Point next year!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

One Year Down!

Well, I am officially not a freshman anymore!!  This school year has ended, graduation has passed, goodbyes have been said, and now work, and more work must begin.  This school year was one of learning.  I didn't expect college to be much different from high school, but it was.  Balancing work, school, ministries, and homework was no easy thing. I did eventually get used to the schedule and and enjoyed my first year of college.  I made many new friends, and I can't wait to make many more great memories with them.  On Thursday, it was my sister Brooke's graduation ceremony from college. I will miss her deeply in college. I always felt like someone had my back when she was there. She is such a great role model for me and I love her so much.   I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for her.  

Graduation Rehearsal : May 17,2012

The beautiful graduate!

Graduating Class of 2012

Sisters is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship.  ~Margaret Mead

Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family.  ~Anthony Brandt

Matthew and I :)

Grandpa and Grandma were able to make it up for Brooke's graduation. . 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Quick Update!!

 Wow these past weeks have gown by so quickly!  The end of April we had a great week filled with fantastic  preaching, and fun activities.  One activity we were able to go to the Dunes and go on a windy and chilly hike.  It was freezing down by the lake, but we had a very enjoyable evening none the less. Once we got back from the hike we made yummy smores!

Lake Michigan

Matthew and I eating tasty smores!! :)

       This past Wednesday the college took an activity to Turkey Run State Park and spent the whole day there.  I had been there once before and was hoping one day to get a chance and go back, and I was able too!  We started off the day by canoeing, now. . . unfortunately I did not get any pictures of this very memorable event.  Our canoe got dumped twice, and the water luckily was not that unbearable, however, once out of the water and in the shade I was in a constant state of frigidness, if there is such a thing! The  canoeing was quite an adventure and loads of fun! :)  After we changed into dry clothes we headed to a pavilion at Turkey Run ate lunch and took off of on one of the trails.  The trail was beautiful and I wish we could have gone through it slower.  

Matthew and I taking a picture break!

Kemisha and Brooke

Brooke and I

Matt climbing up the side of the rock wall. . . 

John and Sarah

Sarah and Me. . I had a hard time getting up on that rock! lol

 We had a great day and it went by too quickly! 

   The evening came to an end by having a short devotional and eating some delicious grilled hamburgers, and the 3 hour ride back to the school!  It was a great last activity of my freshman year!