Friday, January 27, 2012

A Package from Utah!

This past Thursday I was so pumped to hear I had received a package in the mail. Now this is not just any package, but this is a journal  from a very dear friend of mine in Utah, Tiff. This package was named L.A.T.I.N. by Tiff and I. Now what those letters stand for, will go down to the grave with only us. ;) This journal was started around 3 years ago. Tiffany and her family moved away when I was going into the 7th grade and her into the 6th grade.  This was a very hard goodbye for the both of us.  We had been the best of friends for what seemed - forever. I was so scared to enter junior high without her. Who would be there to hold my hand when others girls treated me unfairly, who would sit by me at lunch as we giggled and whispered about the day's events, who would I share my deepest secrets with, how would I ever find another friend who understood me as well I did myself?   Many tears were shed, but we promised we would continue to stay in contact, and we did. Letters, emails, phone calls, and as we got older it turned into texting, and Google chatting. However, this book is what truly keeps us together. One of us keeps this journal for a month or two and that person writes and places pictures inside of what is going on in their lives. 

The infamous journal: L.A.T.I.N.

My visit to Utah in August 2008.

I had so much fun exploring Utah with Tiff and her family! 

We look so innocent! :) (don't you just love my braces?)

Than in July 2010 Tiff and her youth group went to Chicago, so I was happy to meet them up there. 

We had a fantastic time catching up with one another. 

The most recent time she was here was for my high school graduation on 
May 19, 2011.
Tiff and I may be miles apart, but we will always have a bond that no one may understand.  We are always able to pick up right where we left off.  She has been a great friend and been there for me during the hard, and happy times. Now she will be graduating this May from high school, and I will be finishing my freshman year of college.We have both grown up so much and I can't wait to see how the Lord will use her. 
  I Love you Tiff and miss you! 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Volleyball Marathon '12

I just got through experiencing my first volleyball marathon, and it was filled with many great memories, sleep deprivation, and lots of board games. To be honest I think I actually played volleyball approximately one hour out of the 20 that I was there throughout the week.

Much of the adventuresome past week was spent cheering my team on, and in great agony and turmoil over the heavy competition. Well. . . maybe not that exaggerated but I did sit on the bleachers all cozily wrapped in my blanket. ;) Pepsi (also Coke when the 2 liter of Pepsi was gone, which is nothing compared to the thirst quenching Pepsi)  Doritos, sour patches, lifesaver gummies, games, and good friends are all you need for an amazing week!! After reminiscing and looking over the pictures; I realized that I did not capture one picture playing volleyball, let alone in the gym, but at some point I did  find my way to the gym, promise. . . ;)

Hope you enjoy the pictures, and I hope that my next three volleyball marathons will be as enjoyable as this one! =)

 Imaginiff:one of my favorites!

 A must: PEPSI!!

 Yummy goodies!

 Personalities do come out in this fun game of Catch Phrase.

Friday, January 13, 2012

It's the little things in life. . .

It's the little and maybe insignificant things to others that make me smile, and burst with excitement.
This past week, I received a package, not any package, but the package that held my sharp, black, teal,and white Nike shoes.  When it comes to tennis shoes I am loyal to Nike.  And when I spotted these shoes in the store... it was love at first sight!  The problem was, they did not have my size, which isn't unusual since my feet are quite mammoth like, literally. So I ordered them, and this past week received them. I was so pumped when I received a text at work that simply said "ur tennis shoes r here." I got them just in time  for this week of straight 96 hours of volleyball...(more pics to come).

The second thing I received this week was a desk organizer tray. My sister, Nicole, helped me fill this tray up with:  sticky notes, paper clips, markers, rubber bands, laptop cleaning cloths, more different types of paper clips, etc. . . I was told recently by a friend that I would be easy to shop for. Just buy a gift card to Office Max, or Staples, and I would be in my glory.  This is a very true statement, I am so very proud of my desk organizer.

The third thing that is a must to put on here, is simply... Pepsi. I never really liked pop, and when I drank it, it was always Coke, and only Coke. But several months ago I was introduced to Pepsi by a friend, and now I am proud to be a Pepsi lover, despite what people may say. ;)

Those are just a few things that simply put a smile on my face. :) 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I am so happy to finally be a part of the "Blog World".  The words excitement and  hesitant are rushing through my mind.  "Will I be able to keep this blog up to date? Can I give my faithful followers something interesting to read?" I do hope that I will be able to keep you updated in a girl's busy life of college, and be able to share with you my thoughts, hopes, and dreams. It is so hard to think of what to write about in your first post, so I will write about what I love most, my family.

I have the most amazing set of parents ever. My dad, also known as my hero is the greatest example to me of strength and hard work.  He also has this way of making me smile and laugh hysterically like nobody else I know. I truly respect my father! My mom is an incredible woman.  She has such a large heart, and I don't think it is possible for her to love her family any more than she already does. I do hope one day to be such a lady, mother, and wife like my mom is.  My oldest sister Nicole Elizabeth is six years older than me.  She and I never really got along in our younger years, most likely because I was her annoying little sister,  and she was so much older than me.  But as I grew up and matured and reached my high school years, we began to develop a relationship that I hold very dear now.  We are more alike than my other sister. We share common interest in books, clothes, crafting ideas, but to my sister's disappointment, not her love for jewelry! My last sibling, Brooke Emily is three years older than me.  Unlike Nicole and I, we were best of buds all through our elementary years.  We would play for hours outside and what came in handy was our wide imaginations.  We fought off wicked witches together, we buried hidden treasure in our backyards, we had many wrestling matches, and yes you did hear that right, we wrestled.  We held baseball games, not sure how we did that seeing there was only two of us. Every once in a while, we did decide to act like ladies and have a tea party, but that was very seldom.  Last but not least we interrogated the dog next door to us and the neighbor boy, but that is another story for another blog post. Eventually, she grew older and entered junior high and  left me to fight off creatures in our back yard all by myself.  Soon enough I entered junior high while Brooke was in high school.  She was always there for me, and ready to defend me when I came to her about some girl fights. Years have gone by, and now we are in college together and we are able to work together, which I am very grateful for. I love my family very much and feel blessed to be a part of it.