Saturday, August 11, 2012

So Thankful. . ..

 Most girls wish for an older brother to protect them, and to beat up mean boys!  As a matter of fact, that is what I wished for, until. . . I realized just what I had. I had two older sisters! What girl gets to grow up knowing that no matter what, she will have two older sisters that stand up for her and defend her no matter what?  What girl gets to grow up with two other wardrobes to choose from? :) What girl gets to live with two of her best friends? What girl gets to have an older sister help her experience new things, such as high-school, or college?  What girl is able to have a slumber party with her best friends/sisters on the night before Christmas and giggle for hours sharing secrets?  I was able to do all these things and much more!

This pics always makes me smile. . . .love my crazy sisters!!

As I look back over my life I recall countless memories with my sisters. Some are joyful memories, and some not so much! But my sisters and I never stayed resentful  at each other for long.  We could fight, scratch, bite, spit,call names for a half an hour  and than the next minute we would be skipping through out the house together best of buds again!    Oh. . and I can't forget the times we would help cover each other up! I never understood siblings who ratted each other out, not us three. . . we tried best not to get the other one in trouble. :)

I think back on vacations we had as a family, and us three next to each other in the back seat.  We would sing loudly and I am sure very off key, songs mom and dad requested. We would munch on snacks together, trade books to read, and every once in a while argue that the other was too close for comfort! ;)

Family Vacation to Tybee Island . . .

I honestly don't know what I would have done without these two ladies in my life! I love spending time with them and just hanging out as sisters. I am so thankful that my parents pressed us to be not only just "sisters" but best of friends.  My sisters and I share a special bond, we truly do. .. and I never want to lose that!

I say all that to say, that this Tuesday one of  us three LaBate girls is moving to Ohio, my sister Brooke! I am filled with mixed emotions about her leaving.  At first I was upset about the timing.  Why now? Why her?  But now I am happy, and looking forward to see how God will use that special lady as a Christian school teacher.  Yes, I am sad, and am going to miss her ever so much, but so excited to know she in the center of God's will.  I look forward to making trips to visit her and her coming home for holidays!  

I am so thankful for the time I did have with my sisters, and I am filled with anticipation of the many new memories I will make with my best friends.  

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

County Fairs. . .

There is something about fairs that captivate me.  It may have something to do with the bright lights, the strangely dressed people, memories with family and friends, the unique shows and last but not least the vast amounts of delicious foods such as: cheesecake on a stick, foot long corn dogs, elephant ears, and the list is endless!

I had the opportunity to go to two fairs these past couple of weeks. One with my family at the Porter County Fair and secondly at the Elkhart Fair with a group of college friends.

Porter County Fair

Jack was able to come up and meet us at the fair and spend the day with our family as well! 

Eating our scrumptious food. . .

There were talented men. . .

. . .and talented dogs.

Mom and I watching the dog show. . .and the fair lights were glistening off our faces!

So long Porter County Fair see you next July!

The Elkhart Fair was one filled with many memories that I will remember always. A group of college students took a bus  and we spent the whole entire day here, I mean the whole literal day. From sun up to sun down. . . a long day to say the least.  It was however a very fun filled days with many laughs.

Very happy girls :)

Yucky llama's . . .

Watching the seal show. . .before we got poured on. :)

Karina and I sitting out of the rain in a barn!

My group of girls all rode the infamous Ferris Wheel  ..which was quiet an adventure :) 

Karina was just a wee bit scared. . .;)

All smiles and some forced smiles while on the Ferris Wheel...

View from the Ferris Wheel. 


Kemisha and I 

A tired group ready to go home. . .

The rodeo ended our night and we headed back onto the bus and back home, but of course a college activity isn't an activity if the bus doesn't break down. ;)