Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Great Stay. . .

This past week Brooke and I had the privilege to go visit my eldest sister and awesome brother-in-law. It was such a great stay filled with crazy sister pictures, yummy yummy food, lots of catching up, nail painting, putting late night face masks on, a full game of monopoly, and last but not least making popcorn in a whirley pop.  :) 
I love my sister and brother so much and was sad to leave their adorable abode! 

Love these beautiful girls so much! 

Aren't they just so cute? ;)  Jack treats my sister like a princess and as her sister I can't ask for anything more than that. 

Never have I played monopoly all the way through, but I absolutely loved it! :)

Your mouth is watering is it not? :)

Brooke and I kinda got carried away :)

Brooke didn't get the memo to just act normal! 

Thanks Jack and Nicole for giving us a great stay! 


  1. Wow, crazy late night faces :P :)

    Ya, I heard about Jack and the game of monopoly...whew Jack, tough luck ol boy! :)

  2. So glad we were able to make so many wonderful memories these last two weeks. Through these pictures, it is apparent that the three of us truly have a bond that will never be broken. So glad you love me inspite of my weirdness ;) Look forward to many more fun days ahead of us

  3. Looks like y'all had a great time! May God bless you even more this year! :)

  4. You are very welcome!! I had such a great time with the two of you and cannot wait to do this again. I love you both!