Monday, July 15, 2013

Hiking out West. . .

Well, I have not posted in a bit and for that I do apologize. Around a month ago my family went on a vacation out West,we had a total blast!!!  My favorite adventure of the whole trip was definitely the hiking around Jenny Lake. The views were picturesque and the company was fantastic! We made so many memories: passing the last water bottle around and proportioning the sips, tripping over large boulders, hearing strange noises echo in the trees, laughing so hard our bellies hurt.
 Overall it was a wonderful day! 

  These little guys were so cute and this one followed us for awhile. 

The whole clan 

Our ride to the trail.

Happy Hikers!

This view was out of this world. . . .

My amazing parents 

Jack stepped in the ice cold water to get this marvelous picture.

The best family one could ever ask for! 

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  1. Such a wonderful time it was...and I agree this too was my favorite part of the trip!